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Leadership. Organization. Creativity. Passion.

Thank you for stopping by the site. I consider it an honor that you would take just a few seconds to learn more about me. 

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My colleagues would say that I am a highly motivated person with strong organizational skills, goal oriented, and self-driven with excellent people skills.  Through previous work, I have experience with leading teams of volunteers, using computer software and programs, and delivering great customer service.  I am a quick learner with high ambitions. I prefer to set standards and expectations that are exceedingly high. My desire is to find a company where I can build a career and take that organization to the next level.


"Education is the kindling of the flame, not the filling of the vessel." - Socrates


Located in Sanford, Florida
Graduated in 2007 with an Associate of Arts in Music



Located in Springfield, Missouri
Graduated in 2008 with Ministerial Credentials in the Assemblies of God

Work Experience


I have served as the Team Pastor at Harvest Church since 2010. My role includes equipping volunteers, leading worship, producing media for various events, and speaking.

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Joined Eastland Urgent Care in 2011 as a patient registrar. My role includes registering the patients and assisting the clinical staff in delivering the best patient care possible.

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I served as the Music Pastor at Albemarle First Assembly from 2007-2010. During my time there I coordinated multiple teams weekly, directed and produced seasonal productions, led worship, and produced media.

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Joined this company as an upstart from 2004-2007 and assisted in creating a nationally recognized company that sold and installed satellite radio. I also assisted in building a national network of installers for commercial XM & Sirius Satellite Radio.

About Chris

Much of my life has been devoted to developing my creative skill set. In many ways, I am a jack of all trades. My mind has the innate ability to see things before they are and build them and also the know how to take a working piece and make it better or repair it. I am naturally good with my hands and I have the skills to produce whatever idea you have in mind. Print. Web. Photography. Film. Mechanical objects. It doesn't matter. My desire to learn is great. My passion is greater. I would love the opportunity to share those qualities with your organization.


Design isn’t something you just do. I possess a natural eye for it and then the skills to produce it. When natural skill and design collide, the possibilities are endless.


Creativity is an art in itself. My creativity sometimes flows naturally and other times I have to work for it, but the difference between myself and others is the unwillingness to quit until an idea comes that surpasses expectations.


Without passion, creativity doesn’t happen. Neither does success. Passion is the root that spurs on greatness. The greatest attribute I have is passion. If I put my hand to the plow its because I am sold on an idea or an organization and I want to share that with others.


Leadership is what I do best. Since the age of 13, I have led many groups of people taking them from one destination to another. Whether small or large groups or projects, I am able to lead others efficiently and smoothly from start to finish.

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